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Wednesday, September 10th, 2003
9:42 pm
Hey! Ok, tomorrow I'm going with my crutches! Then Friday I get my cast on! Lol. Yeah, I'm excited to get my cast on! I still don't know if I can go to homecoming. Well ok, since I promised Eli I'd take him to the movies, I'm gonna go next weekend. Well I was talking to Kyle K. about how I need someone to go with me and he said he'd go. So I hope he goes. I used to like him. I havent talked to him over the summer much. He said I'm cute, tall n sexy. Lol. Such a nice guy. :-D I talked to Branden finally. I wrote hima note 2nd hour and had Kaylee give it to him since I don't see him during the day. I said "call me if you wanna be friends again" Well, he called :-D. Katelyn's happy now. I missed him. I really did. He said when I was in the hospital I should've just called him. But I couldn't. It was too hard. I kinda wish I did though cause he could've came and visited me. But...life goes on. I think we might get along now. Since our differences were racism, sexual things, and just things. Well now, I'm getting racist. Bad Katelyn I know but I mean not all people I hate! Like Gabs..from LJ(forgot her username) she's puetrorican or mexican or w.e and she's cool. And I got a few black friends. But besides that I'm racist. I said Nigger, and he was like omg say it again. He's like it turns me on. Lol. I was like woah. And like, now since the whole rob thing, I ain't having sex or going far with a guy for a while, unless I am absolutely sure I won't regret it. I missed him. Honestly, I have no doubt in my mind that I'll marry him. I love him no matter how big of a fight we get into. We haven't even made out and I'm saying all this. I know its real. I mean I honestly love him. I know y'all gonna say, You're too young to know what love is, but trust me I know. O and he was like "What if I broke my back and was crippled? you wouldn't talk to me anymore would u?" I'm like "of course I would." He said "no you wouldnt." I said "My brother was paralyzed and I talked to him." I think he forgot about that. O well. Yea. So I think I might sleep good tonight now that we talked. I wanna date him again, but I know we can't just jump into it this time, that's why I wanna do something with him. My folks go outta town the last weekend in October. But no I have to stay with Erica. Urgh pisses me off! O well I can beg Erica to just let me sleep over for one night. She loves me enough. Then I'd have Branden sleepover and we could just talk. Trust me nothing else. I'm gonna go. I'm getting tired. Night everyone!


Tuesday, September 9th, 2003
3:53 pm
I wanna do a friends cut, I have too many friends and can't comment on/ read everybodys ever day, if you wanna stay please comment. If you are one of the people I talk to a lot, or i know that you are really busy, I will leave you. Sorry again!

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Sunday, August 31st, 2003
11:38 pm
yea...so I've been gone since thursday. I finally got to check my e-mail and stuff. The thing that happened was...I was in the hospital since Thursday.....Broke my leg...owwies! I broke it Rollerblading. It is a compund spiral fracture. Which means....I broke both my bones (in the middle of my shin) and then the bones spiraled down and like twisted at my ankle. So yea I broke it pretty good.All the nurses in the hospital were sooo nice. And the dude in the emergency room that taught me how to use my crutches was sooo hott! Ask Lyndsey! But Yea. So I had to stay in the hospital Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and till 5:30 today. I had surgery Saturday morning. I'm gonna be in this splint for 2 weeks (till the 12th) then I'm gettin a real cast on for about 4 weeks (right after homecoming!!! URGH!). I'm gonna get a pink cast tho. Cuz Pink rawks! I was on morphine Thursday night, then on like percocet...now I'm on Vicoden(sp?) Now I got a titanium rod in my leg :-/ Yea...so Mainly my diet went down the hole. I gotta e-mail Brittnee soon tell her what happened. But I'm outties fer now...bye!


Wednesday, August 27th, 2003
12:34 pm
A good song is...

Simple Plan-Perfect....

d.l it everyone here!

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12:26 pm
I lost a lb! I'm so happy. :-D i got like another 19 to go!

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Tuesday, August 26th, 2003
11:18 pm
Ok, so who wants to help me out by teaching me how to make a layout then code it for LJ. I really tried to understand but I just can't! please leave a comment asap! And e-mail me whatever I need. it'd be most helpful if you could talk to me on AIM while your telling me what to do because then if I have a q, you can answer it right away. Please help me out soon b*cuz I start school next Tuesday and I wanna get this done b4 then!

Thanx a bunch!

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3:23 pm
Here's a pic of my gut, my 10th grade school pic(this year), and two pics from earlier this august!

Pics...Collapse )

Lemem know what ya think!

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Monday, August 25th, 2003
8:52 pm
So starting tomorrow I'm gonna start a new diet. Sacred Heart Diet. Hopefully I'll stick with it! I'll let everyone know everything! I'll write down what I had to eat everyday at night!



12:50 am
Hi I'm new. My name is Katelyn. I am 14 years old (be 15 Nov. 3). My older brother Josh died in 1998 from complications of his cerebal Palsay. He would be 19 this year...He died when he was 14. I've been depressed since then. Now my sister moved out to go to college. I've never been close to my sister, I've always wanted to be, and now more than ever I want to be. She is only about 20 min away and my folks could take me there whenever. But I mean. Thats not all. Besides me missing my sis and bro. And not being close to my sis, I hate myself. I am fat. I am 5'10", 178 lbs. I have thighs, lovehandles, a gut and like another set of boobs(well thats kinda wat they look like only no nipples) under my reg. boobs. I am so completely unhappy with myself. I hate myself so much. This year I started cutting my wrists and body. I stopped that because since Josh died, I've been doing alot of shit just for attention. I guess I have alot of problems to work out yet that ya'll don't know about tho. I just need someone or many people to be there for me when I need someone to vent to, cry to, or just talk things through with. Also someone who could help me with keeping my head up high and try to be happy with myself.

My aim sn is : x0katesx0
e-mail: kates-zibbie06@wi.rr.com



Tuesday, August 19th, 2003
10:20 pm
First post goes to ME. :)

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